By registering to become a potential stem cell donor and donating blood, you`re saving real people. Click on an image to see the stories of those in need of treatment, and those who have been saved by people like you. 

Elsa Nega is a Vancouver resident of Ethiopian ethnicity who is desperately looking for a stem cell match to treat her ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). As the mother of two young children who need her, Elsa says, "I just want to see my children grow up. Please join the registry. Even if I can't find a match, you might save someone else." Let’s find a match for her so that she can have many more days with them!
Name: Kiran
Age: 19
Diagnosis: aplastic anemia
Has been looking for her stem cell donor for more than a year
Will most likely find her donor from the South Asian community
bone marrow recipient
Gebbie desperately needs a stem cell match to treat her blood cancer that has recurred. Could you be the OtherHalf?
In November 2017, Rajie, an 11-year-old boy with a big heart and even bigger smile, was diagnosed with Leukemia, a type of blood cancer. After having gone through chemotherapy, Rajie relapsed in March, just days before his 11th birthday. He needs to undergo a stemcell transplant, but no matching donor has been found! Rajie is of South Asian descent, so his best chance of finding a match is going to come from someone within the South Asian community.
Help him by registering today!
Meet Justin who was a successful cord blood recipient at only 21 weeks of age. Because of the generosity of another mother, he now has the gift of life and Celia can enjoy Mother's Day with him! Consider donating cord blood - Give Life!
Jean & Janet
Meet Jean and her daughter Janet. Jean survived Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia through many blood transfusions from 100's of volunteer donors and is now enjoying Mother's Day with her family. BTW, Janet is a blood and plasma donor!
Blood Recipient
Canada's first double cord blood recipient!
Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins
Sindi at the "first" Thanks Mom Donor Drive 2006 with her sister and mother. A passionate advocate for OneMatch and Canadian Blood Services.
Dr. Alphonsus Hui
Chair of Thanks Mom 2012. A pioneer for stem cell drives locally on behalf of patients especially multi-ethnic ones. Co-founded BC Multi-ethnic Bone Marrow Society (later New Life Stem Cell Society) along with Arthur Lam. Tragically died in car accident Nov. 2015. A humble and quiet, generous pillar of society who was tireless and dedicated in raising awareness of need for more diverse registrants with OneMatch.
Steering Committee
100% volunteer effort!
Manjot Kahlon, Eileen Sue, Balpreet Sekhon, Robin Khanna, Iman Baharmand, and Kiki Ho!
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